Rosana Orlandi Guiltless Uranium 2083

Housed within a two-hundred-year historic structure, Aesop adds its own touch of elegance while embodying the stately façade originally constructed in 1819 by architect John Nash. The brand’s in-house design team has combined sleek curvatures and warm tones with touches of classical fixtures paying homage to Regency architecture.

Symmetry composes the main space with rounded proportions in earthy tones creating a dome-like invitation around a monumental basin inspired by the iconic water fountains found around the city. A vaulted ceiling is lit with cove lighting to create a comfortable ambiance as visitors explore the range of Aesop’s products.

At the end of the room, one door opens up to an intimate Sensorium where you can fully envelop your chosen Eau de Parfum. The next door transports visitors into an underground space shaped by timber and cork to serve as Aesop’s consultation and treatment area that offers an exquisite yet soft and relaxing experience.

Take a look at the brand’s latest store above.

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